Top 5 Russian-speaking streamers at online casinos

Top 5 Russian-speaking streamers at online casinos

Streaming at online casinos is the broadcasting of the gameplay, which takes place in real time. In fact, players who record videos refer to affiliates - they make a profit from the customers they attracted to the casino. Therefore, competition among streamers is growing, conditions are getting tougher, and broadcasts are still in high demand.

We suggest that all gamblers try their luck by playing for money. A great chance that it is you who will hit the jackpot.

Who are the streamers?

The first Russian-language streamer was posted by Andrei TTR.

Today he is not engaged in broadcasts, but opened his own gambling establishment. It was he who became the founder of streaming from online casinos in Runet. His real-money gambling videos, launched in the early 2010s, were rapidly gaining popularity. 

Streaming videos are posted by experienced gamblers who know about gambling. They actively comment on the gameplay, reveal strategies and answer questions in the chat. They also run live streams with the game, always showing their face - emotions are important in gambling.

But there's another side to it. Often ludodovodi is a tool to advertise the gambling establishment. That is how casinos attract customers, and the owner of the channel gets a profit by placing referral links. This alliance is mutually beneficial, because the operator increases the flow of new customers, and the streamer gets extra income. Although often such players spend more on bets in the gambling establishment than they receive from the casino.

Top streamers runet

Vitus Razor (Vituss) is characterized by an emotional game. He always expresses himself sharply and unrestrained, but his popularity was gained by playing at high stakes. There are streams, where Ludovod bets 20 thousand rubles per spin.

LUDOJOP snatched the jackpot of 18 million rubles in Jurassic Park slot from Microgaming during the live broadcast. He often streams with Vitus.

Mr. slotshunter is a high roller, who is also known as Shamil and Beard. The first popular skid was withdrawn at the end of 2016, then he managed to break the jackpot of 2.5 million rubles on the famous Jack and Beanstalk slot.

Dan Ludan differs from many in his manner. His acting talent is appealing, although there is an opinion that his popularity is the work of Ludozhop and Vitus.

The benefits or harms of streaming

What are the benefits of streaming at online casinos? We can speculate on the example of honest players who make real bets and play only licensed slots. They give advice and share strategies, tell newcomers about addiction and reveal secrets.

Watching videos experienced gamblers, you can spot the features of specific video slots, see the frequency of falling out bonus games, learn the secrets of slot machines.

You do not have to spend your own money. But it happens that in the pursuit of money streamers forget about the main principles and artificially praise gambling establishments. For this reason it is worth seriously considering the choice of channel.

Where to find videos

There are two main hostings where channels with streaming are presented - YouTube and Twich. But often Russian-speaking streamers get banned. They create other profiles and re-gather subscribers. Although YouTube's policy prohibits casino ads, channel owners manage to maneuver between the ever-tightening rules of the video hosting.

Twich's policy has been more lenient for a long time, so many online casino streamers moved to this service. But to gain a large audience here is difficult because Twich is designed for regular gamers and many of the viewers there are minors. Here, too, can be banned for advertising casinos, although the probability is lower than on YouTube.

The problems of gambling streaming

  • Blockings. The first and foremost problem Ludovodov. Foreign streamers are much easier to promote their channels and they are not afraid of losing the audience.
  • Haters. Often Ludovods quarrel with each other and pour dirt on each other. Why? To stay in the ratings and get more views. They make videos where they make their colleagues look bad. Vitusa and TTR have been hating on each other for a long time. Formally, the conflict began with accusations of foul play against Vitus, namely the use of dupes during the streams.
  • Ludomania. Many players are addicted because the euphoria of big winnings is incomparable to any other emotion. In the pursuit of large withdrawals often spend large sums and remain broke.

In what online casinos play Russian-speaking streamers

Honest Ludowords play only at licensed casinos, which pay winnings and do not cheat customers. In general, they prefer to stream at PlayFortyna, Casino-X, JoyCasino, Drift and other popular sites. Top players recommend avoiding establishments that operate without a license or have just opened. They also advise betting only on certified slots from well-known providers.