Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing your recreation time.

Postseason Inspection

The Pre-season service & the PostSeason RV Service are the two most critical times of the year for your equipment. This is when we have the opportunity to look at and minimize any potential problems by checking, adjusting and or repairing anything necessary before the start of your season. We also do the same when it comes time for storage to ensure everything is addressed and properly winterized or summarized for our harsh Utah climate. Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing your recreation time, so let the professionals at Recreation RV Sales & Service do what we do best and get you safely on the road or trail in a timely manner so you can rest at ease knowing everything is tuned and working properly. Here is a brief explanation of what we cover during Pre/Post Service.

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6, 16, or 112 point inspection can be added to any service. (Only applicable inspections are completed per your make, model & type).

•  Spark                                  •  Battery                                •  Compression                    •  Charging System
•  Intake/Air Filter                •  Throttle                              •  Spark Plugs                       •  Brakes
•  Ignition System               •  Roof inspection                •  Fuel System                      •  Undercarriage
•  Drive/Transmission        •   Impellers/props                •  Clutching                           •  Lower units
•  Belts                                   •  Fluid levels                        •  Differentials                       •  Safety restraints
•  Suspension                       •  Lights                                  •  Steering                             •  Generators
•  Tires                                    •  Shore power                      •  Cooling System                •  Transfer Switch
•  Exhaust                              •  Running condition

Spring and summer are around the corner after the long cold winter. But, before you head out on the open road, it’s important to make sure your RV or Motorhome is ready. We offer full RV Service and spring preparation. We will inspect your RV from bumper to bumper – or bumper to hitch.  

Generator Service

Water and Waste

Propane Inspection

Electrical System

External Inspection

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Our Postseason RV iNspection and service Includes:

Checking the Exterior of your RV might sound easy, but there is more to it than you think. Let’s go over some of the detail inspections you must have done.

•  Inspect the Roof: There are many things up there that need inspecting such as skylights, the air conditioner, solar panels and satellite dishes. You definitely don’t want to be caught without A/C. It’s also important to check the roof sealants for signs of wear and tear such as cracking or lifting. RV roof repair if you keep it it up, it keeps you from wondering.

•  Check Exterior Components: Giving the exterior a once over ensures everything has a watertight seal; this includes moldings, access doors and compartments.

•  Checking your locks and hinges on your RV: We make sure that they are working properly that they are holding bins up and they will do the job for when you are loading and unloading your supplies

•  Service Slide-Outs: Check the slideouts on the RV to make sure they are properly lubed and there is no drag on the motor. Make sure they are water tight so you don’t have any future issues.

•  Vents and covers: The exterior vents and covers should be inspected bad caulking and seals. You always want to make sure these are taken care of. If not they can cause damage that can’t be replace without dipping into your wallet.

•  Inspect All Awnings: Awnings can get cracks and tears from all the use and sitting in the weather. We make sure that they are in the shape they should be. If your slideout awnings are bad they can cause leaking inside of the coach and not protect them from the weather.

External Inspection

Electrical inspection and service can be dangerous and often requires the use of specialty equipment. For this these reasons, bringing your motorhome to us for a spring electrical checkup is crucial. Below are some of the checks we perform to ensure the electrons keep flowing.

•  Check the 12-Volt Battery: The 12-volt battery needs to be checked to make sure it won’t leave you stranded. We also check the cables for damage (i.e. rodent teeth marks), and clean the terminals if needed.

•  Check the shore power cord and plug: We check the shore power cord and plug for signs of damage (primarily varmints, once again) and clean the blades on the plug.

•  Test the GFI plugs: To ensure electrical appliances have a safe path to ground, the GFI plugs must be tested.

Electrical System

If a propane leak occurs, the gas will have a tendency to sink into any enclosed area, posing a risk of explosion and fire.

In other words, it’s important – and we mean really important – to ensure your RV’s propane system is in good condition. Listed below are some of the tasks we perform to make sure your propane system is grade A.

•  Perform a Pressure Drop and LPG Regulator Lockup Test: Performing this test ensures proper operation of the LPG supply components and a leak-free piping system.

•  Check the Date Stamps on the DOT cylinders: You wouldn’t drink milk past its expiration date would you? Then why would you lug around expired LPG tanks? Tanks need to be replaced after 10 years of service.

•  Check That the LPG Detector is Functioning: If your rig was ever to experience an LPG leak, you would want to know about it, which is why it’s important to make sure the LPG detector is functioning properly.

Propane Inspection

When it comes to your RV’s piping, there’s no need to call your local plumber – we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few of items we will inspect during our spring prep:

•  Turn the Water Heater Bypass Valves to the Summer Position: After all, Spring does mean warmer weather.

•  Check the Hot Water Tank Anode Rod: Some vehicles are equipped with a suburban hot water tank. It’s necessary to replace the tank anode From buildup of calcium deposits from use.

•  Remove Antifreeze from the Water Pipes: Winter is over – you don’t need antifreeze in the pipes of your RV anymore. Let us flush it out for you.

Water and Waste

•  Plugged carbs and lines: With all the ethanol in the fuel there is more build up that can make your generator not run like it should. We go through your gen to make sure it is getting the proper fuel pressure.

  Air and Spark: We check all air inlets and ignition system to make sure your generator runs officiant and reliable

•  General Tune up: Generators require service here and there to make sure that they will be running right. With using a lot of power that you’re RV needs. You want to make sure it is going to do its job.

Generator Service