The pre-season inspection is the most crucial time for maintenance.

Preseason Inspection

Spring is just around the corner and after the harsh rocky mountain winter, Recreation RV Sales & Service wants to help you safely take advantage of the upcoming season. The pre-season inspection is the most crucial time for maintenance before you head out on the open road with family & friends. Recreation RV Sales & Service offers our 16 point inspection to make sure the basics are working properly. We also offer a bumper to bumper 74 point inspection for those looking for complete piece of mind that EVERYTHING is in working order. Your Fun … Is Our Business, so let us take care of your RV so you can relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

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Our 16 Point Preseason RV INspection Includes:

External Inspection

Internal Inspection

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 *Note: If your RV has been de-winterized and filled with water we will check your water pump and hot water heater for proper operation. If not, just let the service department know and we can extend a de-winterize discount to you.

•   Exterior Inspection: Often overlooked but can tell you a lot. We inspect the complete exterior of your RV for loose or missing hardware, impact damage that may cause leaks, seals around windows, loose trim, water damage, seals around lights and camera, loose covers on hot water heaters/fridges, wiper blades, all access doors, storage compartments for proper operation and ladders.

•   Roof Inspection: Arguably the most critical inspection on an RV. We start with all fastening points of the ladder for proper sealing. We then inspect the complete circumference of the roof /seams and caps. We then inspect all skylights for weather cracking and seal. All antennas and satellites are checked for good seals and solid mounting. We check all AC covers for weather cracking and solid mounting followed by the fridge vent cover for cracking and mounting. Lastly all vent caps are checked for cracking and seal. Any cracks caught early enough can save you thousands in water damage repair.

•   Tires: Tires are inspected for abnormal wear, tread damage, sidewall damage, weather cracking and lastly air pressure.

•   Under Carriage: We check the under carriage for leaks from water, engine, transmission, drive train, differentials and holding tanks. We then inspect for loose and or missing hardware followed by an inspection for any damaged or loose wiring.

•   Awnings: We open and extend all awnings (patio, window & slide) to ensure proper operation of all mechanicals, locks and handles. We also inspect for wear or damaged fabric and lastly proper spring tension on the roller tubes/barrels.

•   Shore Power: We inspect the shore power cord, adapters and outlet for damage.

•   Converter: We inspect that the power is coming into the RV (110 V) and also that the batteries are receiving a charge (12V).

•   Batteries: We inspect the house and chassis batteries for proper fluid level and load test to ensure they will hold a charge. We also inspect the terminals for clean and tight connections.

External Inspection

•   Interior Inspection: We move slides out to check for proper operation and inspect inner and outer seals for proper fitment. We inspect all windows, skylights, walls and ceiling for water damage. We then inspect for loose, damaged or missing hardware.

•   Lights: We inspect all lights and switches for proper operation and voltage. We also inspect all GFI outlets for proper operation.

•   LP/CO Detectors: We inspect the LP (liquid propane) detectors and the CO (carbon monoxide) detectors to ensure that they are within the compliant time frame for age and then we test for proper operation.

•   Fire/Smoke Alarm: All fire/smoke alarms are inspected for proper mounting and operation.

•   Furnace: We turn on the propane and check for leaks. We then turn on the furnace and check for proper operation (heat with no carbon monoxide).

•   AC Units: Next we inspect the AC units for proper operation. (Start generator to run all AC units if applicable).

•   Fridge/Freezer: First we inspect the LP portion of the fridge for proper operation and then check the 110V for proper operation. RV fridge repair & motorhome fridge repair is our specialty.

•   Stove/Oven: We inspect the stove and valves for proper operation while also checking the oven for proper operation.

Internal Inspection