How to write a good resume

Resume Example for IT manager is important because it is the first document the employer sees.

It creates a first impression, which can be easily spoiled and very difficult to change later.

Also, writing a resume is the only step in the employment process that depends entirely on the applicant. And there are no time limits on this stage, it should greatly improve the quality of the document.

In the resume a person can fully reflect himself as a professional. And only later at the interview will have to prove it.

So, everything that IT-specialists need to know when writing a resume:

  • Document formatting
  • How big is a resume?
  • The optimal size of the resume is 2, maximum 3 pages. If they send a 10 page document, the HR manager just gets tired of reading it and probably misses out on some important information. The job seeker's job is to make the resume as succinct as possible.
  • Text and spelling
  • The text should be simple and straightforward. You should always check what you have written. Everyone can make mistakes, typos, but sometimes a text editor can make a fuss by correcting an incomprehensible word for another one, which does not fit the meaning.
  • The structure of the resume should be standard:
  • 1. A brief information
  • Summary information should be divided into items, reflecting a particular skill. It is not necessary to give more than 6 points.
  • 2. technology.
  • It is necessary to specify IT technologies with which you have practical experience. It is forbidden to write untruths. At an interview, deception will be discovered and the applicant will discredit himself in the eyes of the employer.
  • Education.
  • Degree, specialty, certificates.
  • Experience.
  • Should be in reverse chronological order. The employer is more interested to know what the person has been doing lately.
  • 5. Language skills.
  • This point is required. It is necessary to indicate the level of foreign languages.
  • Hobbies may not be added. In most cases it is superfluous text - the employer is not interested in this section. IT specialists will not be paid for playing tennis or scrapbooking.
  • The references section should include the names and contacts of people who can vouch for your work experience.
  • The main thing to remember when writing a resume is that it will be considered by the person who makes the decision about your future employment. Your future career largely depends on how much the employer likes it.