Itunes Movie Rental Versus Amazon Video on Demand in 2024

I am a big fan of being able to download and watch movies on my computer using 123 movies site and when Amazon came up with video on demand I was thrilled. Sadly, what appeared to be a match made in heaven quickly became video hell for me.

Having used Itunes in the past for downloading and watching movies, I foolishly assumed that Amazon Video On Demand would prove to be just as easy and convenient; it is not. Itunes is the better program hands down for my online movie watching needs.

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Having used Amazon Video On Demand a few times in the past, I found I like the selection, I like the specials that offer a rental for .99 and I like being able to watch it on my computer but and there are some big buts in Amazon Video On Demand, I had to download a special player to be able to start a movie and come back later to watch the rest. Not so bad as Itunes does also require that you have the Itunes application in order to access anything you download from them as well. I could deal with that without too much trouble until I discovered what happens when you hit the wrong button with Amazon Video On Demand.

Amazon gives you various options as to how you want to watch your movie: The video player that you download, various methods through your television, I have not used these options so for those who have this need then you should try Amazon Video On Demand for yourself before deciding or online at the Amazon site. Sounds great until you hit the wrong choice as to how you want to view your movie and it appears to be lost forever. If you push play for the Amazon site, you have lost your movie one you close it. This means if you have watched one minute or the entire movie; that is all you get and to watch it again or watch the rest of the movie, you have to purchase it again.

I discovered this issue of pushing the play button accidentally. The movie I purchased did not download into my player as it should have so I went back to find the movie and pushed the wrong key and it was gone forever. I called Amazon customer service for assistance and they assured me of a refund so I could just reorder the movie and watch it again. More than twenty-four hours later there is still no refund or credit to my account and I still can't find the movie anywhere in my account.

Itunes gives you thirty days to watch any movie you rent and you have twenty-four hours to watch the entire movie from the moment you press the play button. The movie stays in your Itunes player and is available without an internet connection once you have downloaded it.

For my money, I will go back to Itunes for movie rental that I can take anywhere with me without any issue of watching as long as I have my laptop with me. Amazon Video On Demand looks good in theory but doesn't work very well if you make one minor error. It can become expensive to rent a movie a second time and obviously their customer service isn't too concerned with following through on their promises.

Itunes has always followed through with any customer service issue that I have had within twenty-fours and often less, their quality is very good and I always get to watch the movie from beginning to end and can even go back and re-watch anything I might have missed if my phone rang or someone comes to my door. Hopefully in time Amazon will put customer satisfaction first in their Video On Demand department but until then I will stick with Itunes.