Supports of power lines and what we know about them

This design is known to many readers of this information. No need to explain why the LPP support serve. The current on it enters the production facilities, nourishes the city. LEP supports is the road of electricity to the consumer.

It is easier to characterize these structures. LEP supports have two types. These are anchor LAP and intermediate supports. Specialists who work with these structures know these two types of supports like their five fingers. The anchor supports of the LAP are withstanding huge loads. Wires are pulled by the hardest tracks due to the anchor type of support. Intermediate designs, less durable in its properties. They are usually installed at small intervals throughout the entire electrical line. Basically on turns or narrow places. For these types of supports, the load is much smaller than on anchor designs. In this type of electrically transmitted supports there is a subtype. It is called transposition support of the LAP. These designs have different connectivity phases. Sometimes it is necessary, so that the electric current passes without failures and always reached the destination destination. Also, a plus to this subtep can be added to the design of the branch supports, cross-axis, elevated, reduced and others.

On the one hand, the reader will seem that these metal structures for wires are all of the same type. More than once, we watched from the windows of trains or cars, as in the mountains and in the forests extended wires with an electric shock. How the designs of the LPP support are towering and go beyond the horizon. It seems to us that they are all the same in their structure. And it turns out in fact it is not.

Another important point that concerns exactly these designs. LEP supports are separated by the number of suspended wires. There are one and many chain design of electric gear lines. A- p- and apathetic. Free-standing designs and designs with dehs. All designs are installed on a concrete foundation and sometimes, if it is impossible, drunk directly into the ground. Materials made of supports, may also be different. It may be a tree, and concrete, although the metal is used more often. They relate to metal structures that are often used in construction.

All designs of this type, which are written above, are necessarily technical passports. Passport Products, this is a complete description of all parameters and properties of a metal structure. Before starting to install the power line, many documents are compiled, which is allowed to work on this profile. Specialists are selected who have some access to work with these structures. After all, much depends on this work. Electricity should be in every home and at every factory. And the jokes of electricity does not like. And by supporting electricity is not a small size. There is a current of the current of more than 1 ampere and the magnitude of the volts of at least a thousand. And with such values ​​need special knowledge. These knowledge and should have a specialist working with lines supports udenlandske casinoer