Treatment of pigment spots

The human skin color largely depends on the number of melanin contained in it. What is more, the darkness looks like a man. But sometimes there is a violation of this substance for the selection of this substance, with the result that pigment spots appear. Such a disease is called hyperpigmentation.

In some cases, these spots may be rivors, that is, to appear from birth, but most often they arise with age or as a result of a strong impact on human skin ultraviolet rays.

In any case, if it happened, and the skin was covered with unpleasant dark spots, then it is necessary to resort to serious treatment methods to get rid of the disease.

How to treat pigment stains?

Bleaching creams are considered a goodly healing agent. However, they need to be used with caution, as they include mercury. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such drugs for a long time. They are contraindicated to people suffering from gum diseases, liver and kidney, pregnant women, nursing mothers. It is best to select whitening ointments based on fat creams. In such ointments there are no water, and toxic substances contained in them will not be able to penetrate the human body.

As an alternative to creams containing mercury, treatment cosmetics containing perhydro, hydrogen peroxide, lemon or milk acid can be considered. But here there are also its negative moments, such creams give effect only when they are fresh. Usually, they are losing their properties in a week.

Recently, to eliminate skin defects, including pigment spots, has been widely used chemical peeling, or in other words surface skin burns. Its depth depends on such components as a concentration and type of acid. Deep peeling is rare, as it can lead to scarring of the skin. Most often limited to surface or medium peeling, which is quite enough to eliminate pigment spots. Such treatment has the right to carry out only a dermatologist or dermatologist.

Another way to deal with hyperpigmentation can be considered a laser grinding of a person, which is also divided into deep and superficial. The result is achieved as a result of the impact on the human skin of the laser beam - it becomes white, its tone is improving, pigment stains are almost completely disappeared.

Phototherapy. With this treatment, the removal of pigment stains is carried out with the help of intense pulsed light, and no skin damage is observed. During the procedure, a small tingling is fought, a side effect - a slight redness of the skin, which passes after a couple of days.

Such treatment of pigment stains gives good results - pigment stains no longer appear. True, for this, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, for example, to warned a person from the impact on it ultraviolet sunlight and apply creams with sunscreen factors for 2 weeks at the end of the session. JackpotCity is renowned for offering its players incomparable online entertainment for over a decade. Now you can also access an elite casino and enjoy delightful slots, table games and much more.