Cold, hot and ultrasonic hair extensions (part 2)

Such an extension is completely contraindicated to people with brittle, fragile hair, but, for example, just ideally for the owners of thick hair that dreams of making painting or chemical twist.

As for the cold hair extension on the glue (Spanish technology), everything is easier here. The main participant here, as it is not difficult to guess, glue. As a rule, such an extension allows you to protect yourself from uncomfortable sensations, and also allows you to use any cosmetics, to actively visit the sauna.

But, deciding to make extension in this way, it is important not to be mistaken in the choice of beauty salon. Because a lot here depends on the adhesive substance. Cheap adhesives can once and forever repeal your desire to build hair in the future and even make the patient of the trichologist.

Ultrasonic hair extension

One of the most modern technologies used by hair extension by hairdressers is ultrasound technology.

It enjoys great popularity in many countries of the world, however, she came to Belarus not so long ago. This is simultaneously gentle, and a fast (1.5 hour) procedure. The masters assure that thanks to ultrasound buildings, you can forget about the injury of the hair structure.

With ultrasound buildings, as in Italian, and in the English method, special E-ready strands of hair with keratin applied to them are used. Ultrasound as is - and affects tiny keratin capsules, melts the adhesive composition and attaches new strands.

With the "newly minted" chapels easy to make laying. But some of the hair holders extended in this way are complaining that the locations of fixation, especially after the correction, sometimes noticeable others. Therefore, it is believed that ultrasonic buildup is good for those who like to change their image often and is going to wear extensive strands enough for a long time, but each subsequent correction can "lubricate" the effect. Although, of course, the human factor (professionalism of the wizard) plays a huge role here.

Question price

It is possible to grow hair in Minsk for 300 - 500 cu. And the cost will be delivered not only from the technology used (although here the most budget option can be called Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English technology, and the most expensive - Italian and ultrasound), but also hair lengths, textures, the number of strands. In order to attract newcomers, bookmakers are launching a variety of promotions. Compared to competitors, the Melbet bookmaker does not require any conditions to be met - it is sufficient to specify the Melbet GAME888 promotional code when registering, which will allow you to receive up to 130% of the first deposit. Melbet welcomes new players to a variety of bonuses. Use our Melbet promo code GAME888 to access the bonuses.