Passage of Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Mission 3: Omaha Beach

1. Get to backfill.

You come into effect when barge is approaching the shore. You will hear whistle, after which it will be removed before on the barge, and your companions will jump into the water. Do not slow down, just hide the weapon and jump behind him, heading right from the barge. Quickly hide behind the first, smaller obstacle.

Wait a little - you need to choose the right moment to jump out due to shelter and run to the next. This time it will be a big pile of right. Wait for the next series, then go to the second obstacle nearby. It will be like the first. Do not forget to use shelters!

Having waited for the next series, run to a small obstacle to the right, where it is likely to wait for one of your companions. Do not forget to sit down and hide the weapon! You are now on the shore. Wait for the next series, then get ready to run left along the coast.

You have to hide behind successive obstacles until you can follow the entire group, that is, until the obstacles on the beach are close enough, so that you can get to them without risking to get damage.

You are hiding behind the wooden pile, running getting closer and closer, squeezing on each obstacle. Beware of large-caliber cannons - if the bullet explodes too close to you, then you can say goodbye to friends.

When you approach the free space between you and charge, get ready for the storm. You will need to get to the place behind the barbed wire, running among bullets flying from everywhere. It is worth hide in large black pits. Move simultaneously with your companions - you have more chances for survival.

2. Get acquainted with the captain.

When you find yourself in a safe place, waiting for all this will finish everything, a new order will come. Go to the left (receding to the sea). Among your companions you will find the captain.

Destroy opponents and run away.

Do not change the direction of the way! If everything goes well, you have to have a direct path, followed by a gun. Kill the soldiers shooting in you from the nearest passages. Quickly jump on the gun and go to a safe place behind the ramp. Now a few soldiers will come out from all sides.

Run to the place with the boxes where the guard once stood. The entrance to the right will be blocked by the grid. But do not miss the mechanic hiding on the other side. You must go left. Destroy more Germans, hiding behind the chests and using a sniper rifle.

You need to go through several docks in place with drawers and machine. There, on the right, the soldiers run by narrow sidewalks at the pier for submarines are hidden. When it becomes safer, run as close as possible to the lattice - you will finally find a small room on the right. Best negotiation training courses in Australia.