Laminate stands - brief overview

Stands for laminate are an essential element that ensures efficient retail sales and actively used in various trading points for the sale of building materials. Exhibition stands for laminate allow to show products to the buyer "face", compactly place the exposition in the trading floor, to present a complete set of available range.

The main advantage of using stands in the exposition of laminate is the possibility of placing a large number of product samples on a small trading space, which is extremely beneficial for the seller renting shopping areas.

The stands for laminate are different types: floor stands, wall, combined, collapsible and unintended.

Consider the main types of laminate stands:

- Small compact stands for placing samples made of polished plywood, including from 5 to 20 laminate samples with a size of 365x900 mm. These stands are easily gathering and they can be conveniently placed in the trading room.

- Separate stands with a panel for printed products, where you can place from 9 to 30 laminate samples.

- Two-layer four-module booth for laminated floors TARKETT, with the ability to present up to 64 laminate samples. This stand is characterized by a large weight (about 350 kg) and dimensions, however, it allows you to present in one place the widest range of laminate.

- Wall stands of various configurations made from LDSP, on which samples are located at an angle for greater visibility. The use of an inclined exposure allows you to see the entire presented range from one angle, which benefits the type of stands favorably.

- Shelves for samples of 400x500 mm products on a metal frame, which includes from 12 to 18 shelves. 406110394102.

- Single, double and triple stands for Quick Step laminate. A single stand provides for the possibility of accommodating from 19 to 24 positions and can be equipped with an additional sidebar. A double stand allows you to accommodate up to 38 laminate samples, and triple to 57 different positions and can also be equipped with an additional sidebar for printed products. These stands are made in the form of a column.

Thus, the correct choice of stands for the laminate will allow the most rational use of the trading space, demonstrating an extremely wide range of laminate samples on small retail areas, which makes exhibition stands an indispensable assistant of both the retailer and the wholesale seller of floor coverings.

There are standard laminate stands, including a specific number of samples and configuration, manufactured and implemented both for specific laminate brands and unknown brands. However, most manufacturers of stands offer their customers the possibility of individual manufacturer of the stand on the required dimensions, to represent the necessary number of laminate samples in accordance with the desired size of the positions of the position. Young Tiger Trading Style: Full Guide on Forex Trading For Beginners In 2022 .