What kind of changing table to buy?

The newborn baby has to be changed several times a day. Buying a suitable changing table will definitely improve the quality of life as parents and a child. We have a wide range of products to choose from: from rolled rugs that can be placed anywhere, through lining on a crib, to changing rugs in the form of shelves or dresser. However, what kind of changing table to choose?

The changing table for the kid is not only convenient, but also safe and hygienic. Each time before changing the diaper, we have to prepare a place to lay a baby - thanks to the changing table, we always have such a place at hand, and it is at the right height, thanks to which we do not have to bendered.

Changing rug - come in handy in travel
Changing rug - the perfect travel solution. It takes little space, easy and easy to care. It is an excellent protection against pollution, it is soft and gentle for the skin of a newborn. It usually consists of a water-repellent protective coating and fine external material. We can decompose it both on the sofa with the family and in the car during the far road.

Changing Table for Baby Cot
If we can not put another piece of furniture in the apartment, it is worth thinking about a changing table, fixed on the bed. It does not occupy space, easily disassembled if necessary, and the profiled design with raised sides and head restraint provides comfort and safety. It is more convenient than a changing rug, because we can place it at a suitable altitude so that we should not be touched.

Mobile changing table
If you have a lot of space, you can choose a changing table on wheels with additional shelves. This is the perfect solution if we often visit different rooms - thanks to the wheels, the changing table will always be at hand. In addition, the shelves under the changing table will allow us to keep everything you need to dress up in one place.

Change of commerum
The chest of drawers with a changing table - a stylish and very convenient solution. It can be used as a place to store all necessary care products for newborns - thanks to drawers, they will not be in sight. Its appearance can be adapted to other furniture, so that it will be useful and after the period of wearing diapers - the changing table is easily understandable, and the place in the boxes can be used, for example, for toys or children's clothing. Официальный сайт Cat Casino